About Us

Jic-Elco Inc. is a minority-owned business that grew from humble roots into the successful organization of today. We've succeeded by providing the highest quality of services in a timely and efficient manner. Our commitment is to achieve the absolute highest level of customer satisfaction possible by delivering prompt, cost-effective services and exceptional value.

These core beliefs and practices are the foundation behind our business:

Dedicated ownership that provides leadership and on-premise decision making. Jic-Elco is a consistent source with a proven track record.

Customer service that's focused on getting your job done and keeping you informed. We give personal individualized attention to every one of our customers.

Flexibility that comes from an independently owned firm, allowing us to respond to customer needs with efficiency and cost effective programs. The size of our operations has made Jic-Elco the best business partner for even the largest corporation.

Networks of companies we partner with across the U.S. allow for us to be diverse in offering service beyond the area outside our front door.

Experienced representation and highly skilled artisans and tradespeople ensures our ability to analyze our customers’ problems and develop solutions to meet every need.

We set the bar far higher than most in the industry because the commitment to our customers goes beyond the job at hand. It’s not what we can do; it’s what can we do for you!

Commitment to the environment has always been our way of doing business and will continue to be an important part of our company. We'll continue to improve our environment by using eco-friendly materials, instituting recycling programs, and ensuring personal accountability.