Our philosophy is not to fit your business into our warehousing operations. Rather, it's the other way around: we create storage solutions that fit perfectly with your particular needs. Our facilities are flexible, scalable, and adaptable to keep pace with your ever-changing needs.

Whether you have a lot or a little, Jic-Elco can process your products. We assemble or disassemble, pick product up, pack it into a box containing an invoice, and then mark every container with a shipping label. Afterwards, we track your goods through our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and monitor your product every step of the way.

We offer reverse logistics management: a system that increases the efficiency of aftermarket activity and saves our clients time and money. If you need to repair or replace, return for credit, or if some order error occurs, we can move your previously shipped goods from their original destination back to a manufacturer or distribution center.

  • Site Selection

    - Let us pick the perfect spot for your warehouse. We'll tap into our expansive networks and industry knowledge to select an optimal location.
  • Inventory Management

    - Our best-in-class approach ensures a quantifiable inventory accuracy of 99.9%.
  • Vendor and Freight Management

    - Jic-Elco can help manage your load-planning activities and carrier performance. In addition to our private fleet, our core-carrier program is comprised of hand-selected carriers who have formed strong partnerships with Jic-Elco.